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pages were signed into law. (laughter) the courts have since repeatedly upheld that clay's audio has the most far out selection of 8-tracks in town. but in 1975, this rule was changed so that a senator didn't have to actually speak, merely state his intention of launching a filibuster. a technique made famous in the classic movie "mr. smith goes to washington and expresses his intention to late dore something." (laughter) now, harry reid's doing this because he claims republicans are abusing the filibuster. >> i have faced 386 filibusters. >> stephen: 386 filibusters during harry reid's six years as majority leader. and given how little congress works, some of that has to be mitch mcconnell stopping by harry reid's family dinner to block passage of the mashed potato. (laughter) but i say so what? that's just politics. and mitch mcconnell is warning it could get worse. >> if the majority chooses to end the filibuster, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate then the fighting, the bitterness, and the gridlock will only get worse. in the name of efficiency
's wearing spanx under that robe. this is judge, jury and executioner. tonight, folks, copyright law. the supreme court is currently considering the case of supap kirtsaeng the wile ya song, it a textbook copyright case in that it is a copyright case about textbooks. jim. >> mr. kirtsaeng in 1997 moved from his native thailand to attend cornell university. textbooks are sold in thailand for just a fraction of the cost. so he gets his family and friends to buy those textbooks in thailand and guess what, ship them to him in cornell university. he sells them on ebay and makes, get this, $1.2 million in profits. >> what? >> stephen: 1.2 million dollars, it that textbook price, that has to be like eight books. but academic publisher wiley and son sued sit kaening-- kirtsaeng saying they own the copyright of that resold material despite a 1908 court decision which established the first sale doctrine which says that after a buyer first purchases a copyrighted work he or she has the right to resell it. i'm sorry, i don't buy this first sale argument. and if i did buy it i would not resell it
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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